If Truth To Be Told


I don’t read too much which is associated to religion. This one I found intriguing after reading a little description about the book on internet, so I read.

I didn’t find it very interesting after reading though. Some parts were engaging but many were boring. I also didn’t believe in some of the stories of supernatural powers that author has described. Nevertheless, what touched me is the last 3 pages of ‘Epilogue’. Each sentence exactly describes what I strongly believe about life, spirituality and religion. It summarizes my entire belief on this subject.

So, after taking some liberty of editing (without rewording or changing the meaning – mainly to make it short) I decided to write the excerpts of the book mainly from epilogue on my own blog post so I can be kept reminded of the truth and can share with the rest!


The universe is trillion of years old, our galaxy and planet are billions of years old. The human race is a few million years old, while the average human life is seventy years. It’s a very short life. It must be lived, celebrated, not be fought against and not something to be solved. It’s a flowing river. Flow with it.

Normal life? There is nothing called a normal life. What is normal for one’s viewpoint may be most abnormal from another’s. A yogi thinks that the world is abnormal, and people live like animals, mostly focused on feeding and fornicating. The world thinks the yogi is a fool who wastes his life sitting around doing nothing, enjoying none of the many pleasures life has to offer.

Enlightenment does not mean you have to live like a pauper (very poor person). It does not mean you have to subject yourself to a life of hardship and abstinence. On the contrary, to be enlightened means to live in the light of love, compassion and truthfulness. It means learning to live without reservations and inhabitations.

Your knowledge of rituals and the scriptures, the time you spend in places of worship, the money you raise for religious causes – such things, I am sorry to tell you, have absolutely no connection with God unless the heart is open to the Divine. Such acts will not even lead to an independent way of thinking, let alone enlightenment, unless you understand well that the objective of religious acts is to purify yourself and cultivate compassion and gratitude. The more you attached to a cause, religion the more you restrict your own freedom. The most inflexible people I have met are generally the most ‘religious’. Religion is our creation. It is the middleman who over promises and under delivers and rarely connects to the right supplier.

We need both spirituality and science. We owe our gratitude not only to the Krishna, Christ, Buddha and Muhammad who imparted great spiritual truths but also to those who invented light bulb, create fire, or invent tools for agriculture.

The truth is never a one-size-fits-all. It’s a personal matter, a private affair. Einstein found it in a laboratory. Buddha found it under a tree. Edison found it in a light bulb. Socrates exemplified it by drinking hemlock and Christ exemplified it on the Cross. Bill Gates found it in Microsoft and Steve Jobs found his in Apple. What is your truth?

The fact that you are breathing and living means nature wants you, life wants you. As long as you have a compassionate view and you are not hurting others, everything – well, almost everything is okay. Listen to your inner voice. This voice is the purest voice you will ever know. Your truth is your greatest religion. A sense of fulfilment comes from walking your own path. For some it may be meditation, for others it may be a music, dancing, painting, writing or reading. Find what makes you happy and pursue it.

I just am my own truth, bared before you, without any expectations or agenda, free for you to interpret as you like. I invite you to seek your own liberation by finding what matters to you and by living your life to the fullest. Rewrite your rules, redefine yourself. Don’t let life slip you by.

I have given you my truth. Go, discover yours.



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