What You Seek Is Seeking You

2020 is the year many of us will never forget in our lifetime. A tiny virus paused the world. Human machines were forced to stop and reflect. The year was challenging, disturbing and tough for many.

However, an eternal optimist will surely say that this phase allowed us to sit, think and reflect upon our life priorities. It made us realize the importance of impermanence.

Like an eternal optimist, the year made me realize that I’m extremely blessed and privileged to have a steady inflow of income and enough time to pursue other activities my heart wants to even when many in the rest of the world are struggling to meet their ends. This realization made me start exploring “what else I can do to be more lively, active and to make my life journey worthwhile?”. With this thought I started exploring different places to find a right fit for my head, heart and hand.


First, I landed at The Farm – a space filled with love for animals and nature. The place is managed by Pooja Bhale, a conservational biologist and an amazing human being. I spent almost 3 weeks at the farm learning about organic farming, animal behavior, love and compassion. The time spent was beautiful, fulfilling my heart and I’m sure I’ll visit the place many times again in the future.

Oslo, a rescued husky at the farm

In the Head – Hand – Heart coordination, the heart was filled with love and joy. However, the head and the hand were still missing something!


Thereafter, I arrived at Nomadgao – a super cool co-working and co-living space in Goa with super tasty food cooked by Chef Shiela (@shielascafe), a charming lady from Vietnam. Waking up in the morning, having breakfast at Sheila’s kitchen, working in co-working space with super-fast internet, Lunch at Sheila’s kitchen, back to work after lunch and travel to beach in the evening for sunset and dinner – this was the routine I followed for two weeks in Goa.

Again, two weeks spent well! Sitting in solace and watching the sun setting down made me fall in love with nature and this beautiful world once again.

However, in the Head – Hand – Heart coordination, the head and the hand were still missing something!


Thereafter It was time to get introduced to Peepal Farm, an animal rescue organization in the village Dhanotu, Near Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh.

I applied for 2 weeks volunteering program with the clear understanding of parting ways in few days if I don’t find a suitable fit. (Well, I ended up staying for 4 weeks though!)

Peepal Farm had just started an education program for village kids. On the first day I got to meet Tejashwini (Keep the “Ja” silent while pronouncing her name).  A graduate from Bhoomi Collage – Bangalore, an amazing soul and a newly recruited teacher / educator at Peepal Farm. The 10 minutes of conversation on the first day felt something very strong within. Being associated with Shwas I know that working with kids is something my heart is always inclined to do. With this I decided to learn more and contribute to the education project.

In the journey, I met with another fun loving, joyous and charming human being named Nitika, a young lady from the village Dhanotu with an interest to work with kids. Few days later, it seemed that the universe sent a guiding angel named Neelu aunty on our way to guide us all in our individual and collective journey.

The 4 weeks I spent with these folks created the best of memories in last couple of years. Working on infrastructural challenges, strategic priorities, classroom design and decoration, lesson planning and finally the execution made me learn and unlearn so much.

Nitika, Bhaumik, Tejashwini, Neelu Aunty
The class gang (not any particular order): Ansh, Aditya, Samar, Manaswi, Avantika, Nikhil, Bhaumik, Aryan, Ansh, Simaran, Riya, Aaradhya, Pushkar, Aarav (Sr.), Aarav (Jr.), Piyush, Aarohi and Kartik

Finally, it seemed that my Head – Heart – Hand are now aligned.  This is a place where I know I will remain invested for long. This is a place I know I belong to for longer time and will go back soon!

As Rumi said, “What you seek is seeking you”. Keep seeking, Keep searching, Keep exploring!

Love Life. Live Life. ❤


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