Tomorrow 2019 will end. I realized there wasn’t single post I wrote in entire year! Not sure if life got too busy, or I lost interest from writing, or didn’t get the zeal to put down my thoughts in entire year. Phew, whatever.

Well, nothing has drastically changed in last year though. I am still having lot of fun with my solitude, still into reading books (must be close to 40 in last year), watching movies and travelling (Kenya happened again, and Finland & Bhutan were added in a new country list while Jaipur, Varanasi, Coorg, Bundi, Khajuraho were added from India).

Few of close mates got married in 2019 with wonderful partners. And I still don’t feel that is something I want to get into yet!!

A proud moment to cherish was:



The best travel memory came from Finland (First in Europe): 

Photo 1


Oh, the one came from Kenya too:


The books that touched the heart were:


The thought which perhaps will stay with forever was:

I know not what the future holds, nor how my path will evolve, but I have the feeling that I will continue to challenge society’s current version of a ‘normal’ life. Even though the paths of those I’ve known seldom intersect with mine. I’ve decided to keep moving, to keep intersecting with the paths of those who inspire me to see life differently. 

From the book “The Shooting Star”

That’s it from 2019! Let’s see what 2020 unfolds 🙂



4 thoughts on “2019

  1. Read your article and it had a link to here. I see nothing posted in 2020. I hope life is treating you well.



    1. Hi Alison, thanks for checking! Yes, yes, life is treating well 🙂 I just posted something couple of days ago.

      Trying to keep balance with all the tasks I have on my plate 🙂

      Hope you are doing well, wherever you are..


    1. Hi Prince, haven’t stopped posting but yeah, the other priorities have taken the front seat 🙂

      Just posted a couple of articles few days ago.



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