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Ever felt people around you don’t understand you? Ever felt you don’t belong to the ecosystem around you? Ever felt being different than rest of the people in your community? If yes, welcome to the world of Misfits!

Misfits are those who don’t fit into traditional long lasting thoughts and beliefs. They don’t oppose the belief system – they just don’t believe in the existing belief system. They have their own systems in their own mind, in their own thoughts.

They are not emotionless people. In-fact they carry huge ocean of emotions within them. They just don’t show it to rest of the world. For the very true reason that world would never understand them!

They are not trouble makers. They are not terrorists. They are not here to destroy anything. They are just normal human beings who see the world from a different lens. Their own lens.

They feel happiness of wedding. They feel sadness of a death. But they don’t feel compulsion to be a part of ceremonies whether it’s a wedding or a funeral.

They follow their heart. They give treats to themselves. They don’t think twice in giving gifts to others or donating valuables when they feel so. But they don’t fit into social customs of gift giving.

In general it’s difficult for society to digest people who think different. It’s difficult to accept people who deny believing in what general population believe in. They are identified by different synonyms – Rebels, Crazy, Immature, Trouble maker, Egoist, Self-centered etc etc.

They live in their own beautiful world. The world which may be difficult to understand for an outsider. They dance on their own songs. Songs which may sound gibberish to others.

Let’s accept their existence. Let’s recognize their presence. Let’s encourage their courage. Let’s applaud all the misfits around us 🙂

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