Tomorrow 2019 will end. I realized there wasn’t single post I wrote in entire year! Not sure if life got too busy, or I lost interest from writing, or didn’t get the zeal to put down my thoughts in entire year. Phew, whatever. Well, nothing has drastically changed in last year though. I am still… Continue reading 2019


  Ever felt people around you don’t understand you? Ever felt you don’t belong to the ecosystem around you? Ever felt being different than rest of the people in your community? If yes, welcome to the world of Misfits! Misfits are those who don’t fit into traditional long lasting thoughts and beliefs. They don’t oppose… Continue reading Misfits

Solo Travel

“Mom, I’m going to Bali this Diwali”. “Great, Did Kalrav (my cousin) agree?” “No. I’m going alone”. “What? Are you crazy? Who travels alone? What if something happens to you? You seriously need to find a life partner now.” Solo travel – this concept is still a taboo for many. Spending time with self, traveling… Continue reading Solo Travel