Solo Travel

“Mom, I’m going to Bali this Diwali”.

“Great, Did Kalrav (my cousin) agree?”

“No. I’m going alone”.

“What? Are you crazy? Who travels alone? What if something happens to you? You seriously need to find a life partner now.”

Solo travel – this concept is still a taboo for many. Spending time with self, traveling alone, talking to self are not so “normal” activities for the “normal” society.

There is a huge fear associated with solo trips. Thief, Murder, Illness etc etc. And those things do happen sometimes but not often or always. And more importantly they happen even if you are with someone! Life just happens 🙂

“What is your best travel experience so far?” – The question I’ve been asked by many. Without a single element of doubt or a second thought my answer is always “Thailand” – my first ever solo trip.

I still remember when I got onto a wrong bus, found myself into a police station at 5 am in the morning and used sign language to reach my destination. That was a scary moment. But thanks to that day, now I don’t fear travelling alone – anywhere 🙂 I am confident to find a way out from a difficult situation – a worth life lesson I may not have learnt otherwise.

And with that, I also remember Ms. Rattana Panpradit, the lady who owns Khaosoak Island Resort and my host for two days. These are the wonderful memories you collect when you travel! I have had some fantastic interactions with people and myself that usually are difficult to happen when you are not alone.

Ms. Rattana Panpradit & Family

Solo travel unfolds many forms of you and life which otherwise were unknown earlier. I strongly believe it ends up making you more matured and fulfilled person. Sometimes it’s a roller coaster ride of emotions and events – you experience with yourself!

However each coin always has two sides. We live in a world of social media where “30 things to do before you turn 30”  has solo travel at the top priority. We live in a web world where if you don’t travel solo at your young age, the world makes you believe that you are missing something in life. And it’s not True.

Solo travel has obvious advantages and I feel everyone must do it for once in life. However you may not like it! You may not fit into the concept or may not enjoy spending 2-3 days with self. You may not like eating alone. You may not have as much fun as traveling with your partner and friends. While wandering alone, you may end up fearing more than living the moment.

And that’s absolutely fine. We all are individuals living in our own world!

The point is solo travel is worth an experience. It’s not an “abnormal” activity. It’s not something “unusual”. 🙂


With Massai community in Kenya


Kenya 2
Ms. Shelmith Ngari Nestar & Family – My local host in Nairobi

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