Books and Movies

One of the privilege I enjoy in life is – ‘Time’.  Yes, I have enough time to spend on doing things I love. I never feel lack of time in doing things which are priorities for me! Books and Movies – are couple of things interest me the most 🙂

Books / Crossword 

-Hey it’s been two weeks you haven’t visited crossword!

-It’s a long weekend. When are we meeting at crossword?

-I know you read XYZ book. Can I borrow from you? Umm.. I don’t own it I read it sitting in crossword.

These are few normal and frequent conversations I encounter.

For me, Crossword is more a library than a book store. I have read N number of books (where N is an integer >= at least 25) sitting in a corner – reading for 3-4 hours at a stretch. Just In case if you don’t know – Crossword provides free drinking water and washroom facilities!

Reading books sitting in crossword has multiple advantages (apart from of course, you don’t have to pay to buy them).

You listen to conversation between parent and children – and understand parents’ willingness to inculcate reading habits to their children.

You listen to a husband giving advice (from book) to his pregnant wife – and enjoy their excitement about new baby.

You see the light in the eyes of 70 years old grandmother – when she buys audio CDs of old melodies.

You feel the sweet moments when a mother teaches her 4 years old daughter from a pictorial book.

These and many more.. are the perks I enjoy while reading books in crossword 🙂

Having spent most of the childhood without close friends – I often feel these books are those who have taught me my life lessons. I don’t exactly remember when I started reading – but what I remember is “The Fall of a Sparrow” by Salim Ali was the first English book I read. And that’s when the reading journey started which still continues and something I enjoy.

Oh yeah – I don’t just read in crossword but – I buy books too!

Few from ‘Home’ collection


My love for movies is greater than that of books. And no, I am not gyaani or expert in movies. I don’t understand creative pieces – what I mean is I can’t analyse movies based on casting, scripting, music, cinematography etc etc. I don’t even know (or try to know) director, producer, actors, music directors etc etc.

What I enjoy is deep diving into the story for 2/2.5 hours. What I like is just watching them through my own lenses. What I love is just to feel characters and stories within me while they run on big screen. I consider cinema as one of my teachers.

“How do you get time to watch so many movies on big screen”? – is a normal question I face several times.

My honest answer is – 1) I love watching them on big screen 2) I’m okay watching them alone.

Here point 2 is important. We often need to skip plans because our friends, family either don’t agree or don’t have time to invest in our plans. It happens with you and so with me.

Watching movie alone on big screen – has never been a weird act for me. (It is the weirdest thing for my mom though– and sometimes I just lie and say I’m going with a friend – just to give her some peace of mind). Even if when I’m with someone – the time is supposed to be spent on watching the screen and not talking to your movie partner – so for some reason I never understand the absolute need of a ‘big group’ when we go for movies!

Anyways, when you plan to see back to back (2-3) movies in a single day you really can’t expect people to join you. It’s impractical to find a partner who likes to keep shifting from screen 2 to screen 3 and then screen 1 in same theater same day! And that’s why I’m perfectly okay to do all these alone 🙂


Now when I do what I love to on weekends – this is what mom ends up with

 “Beta, you keep wandering alone in book store and movie theaters. I am concerned for you. You need a life partner. You need to get settled now.”

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