Life @ 30

Writing a blog post on my 30th birthday was a promise given to self and here I fulfill my promise 🙂

bd cake final

August 17, 1986. The day I entered into this beautiful world. It’s been 30 years of breathing pics


The journey is beautiful so far and I’m grateful for all the experiences I went through in last 30 years. Yes, few of them were not joyful. But few of them will be remembered for life time.  Those experiences have shaped ‘me’ the way I am.

Awaaz De, Gyaan and Awakin – are three greatest things happened in this journey. These 3 have contributed to immense learning and making me who I am. And the good thing is – these all 3 are still part of my life and all of them happened in just last 5 years!


It’s been 30 years now. I am growing as an individual, growing to be more open to life events, growing to love and live life more. However the child within is still very much alive and active. Many of my friends are married, having kids and acting as a responsible parent. Somehow, I feel I haven’t grown up yet! The child within is still very much alive and active! I feel alienated in social settings. I don’t enjoy being around “adults” discussing politics, technology and social customs. Contradictory I feel more alive among kids. I enjoy much more in getting wet in rain, playing with kids, eating chocolates, ice creams, pani-puri and doing absolutely random things. Jungle book is still my favorite serial, Mogli is still my hero, and this song is still the one I like the most 🙂

cover pic

I also have been fortunate to be able to travel places. 22 states within India, Countries like Pakistan, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Nepal (Kenya to be in the list soon) – they all have taught me valuable life lessons! No doubt – visiting new places, meeting new people have helped expanding my own horizons. It has made me more mature and open to life’s varied tests.


Someone said “An invisible thread connects all who are destined to meet irrespective of time and circumstances”.  I also met many. Few touched heart. Few touched mind. Few are still around. Few are somewhere far. I also fell in love. I also fell out of love. One thing I can definitely say, there is something I’ve learnt from everyone who has crossed my path and from everything I’ve experienced. From people I love, from people I hate, from people I want to meet again and again, from people I don’t want to talk about – every individual has taught something and contributed in making ‘me’!

What next?

Next? I don’t know. Life is a novel not written by us! I’m not sure what the next chapter is! New job, New city, New friends, New love, New events, Marriage (maayyyy be!), Kids (who knows?). Whatever it is – I’m excited and looking forward to the next phase.

One thing is sure – I’m extremely happy and grateful for the life I have. And with all goodness around there’s a fear of losing it too! But then, not everything is in our control. Not everything and everyone will stay forever! That’s the circle of life 🙂

Loving it. Living it. ❤


2 thoughts on “Life @ 30

  1. Waah!! :))
    We’re also grateful to have someone like ‘you’ around; not describing here, you know it. 😀
    May the exciting chapters of your novel keep unfolding & brings you a lot of happiness with every other experience that is to be experienced.
    Stay put in the circle of Life; Love it, Live it wholly!! :))

    P.S.: maayyyy be! 😁😂

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