Jagriti Yatra – 2015

Somewhere in Early December:

“Mom, I’m going for 15 days train journey across India”

“Hmm.. Let me know when you start doing some ‘normal’ things in your life!”

1 train – 15 days –  8 role models – 475 yatris (from 23 countries, 27 Indian states and 6 union territories) –  8000 Kms – endless conversations – hundreds of heart touching stories – that’s about Jagriti Yatra 2015!

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Recapping the journey is tough. There is so much to share. So many magical moments were felt during 15 days of journey.  Trying to put down some thoughts here.

What was it all about?

For me it was all about people (Yatris) and their stories. (Role models and their stories are available on google).  Imagine yourself in a small train compartment full of enthusiastic people and everyone has a story to share. A story which reveals hard work, courage and struggle we all go through.  Stories of people from diverse backgrounds, people from different ecosystems.

There was someone who had travelled 50 countries and there was someone who moved out of her village first time in her life.

There were stories from all spectrums of life. Story of a child whose father was a psychiatric patient and mother struggled through life to give good education to her daughter. Story of a girl who went to jail for raising voice against sex trafficking. Story of someone who started school at the age of 18 to pursue her passion.  Story of a girl – who accepts that she is a lesbian and lives her life on her own terms.  Story of someone who is struggling to marry her love just because she is from different cast. And so on..

Though each story was unique in itself, there was something common across all. Each story was asking you to pursue your passion – encouraging you to do what you love – asking you to live life the way you want to – motivating you to follow your inner calling – telling you that life is a struggle and everyone needs to fight it!

Enough emotions! What’s the outcome of this journey? Jagriti Yatra’s motive is to build India through enterprises. So how many enterprises will be created?

Well, I don’t know the answer. May be some of them will try to start their own enterprise. May be few of them will continue.

But that’s not the point. For a fact what I know is many lives were touched! Many heartfelt conversations were held. Few examples:

“Before yatra I was very shy and introvert. I was suffering from inferiority complex. I am not good in English so I never felt confident talking to someone who is well dressed! But during yatra some magic happened. I had foreigners in my group and I talked to them! I think it’s an achievement for me! Now I have a friend from France 🙂 I never felt so good before. I’m much more confident talking to strangers now.” – A yatri

“Last year my husband came as a yatri. This year he asked me to join. I wasn’t comfortable coming here because I hardly had gone out of my village. I never traveled alone for so many days. But now I must say – this yatra has taught me many life skills. There is so much to learn from people and places. I never thought life can be so beautiful and diverse” – A yatri

So, what did I learn from Yatra?

Apart from adding 15 awesome days in my life journey, this yatra re confirmed my belief. A belief which says Life is all about experiences. It’s always about small moments which adds up and build your journey. It’s never about the destination – It’s always about the journey.  A journey where you learn, unlearn, fail, succeed, fall and raise.

It reconfirmed my belief – which says unity in diversity do exist. No matter where we come from. No matter how we were born and brought up. Somehow we all are connected with each other. We all have our own story to share. We all fight and struggle. We all are passionate to live, and not just to survive!

Life is beautiful. Love it. Live it.

And every time we close a session – this is what we do 🙂 Yaaro Chalo!

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