Gyaan – The Mystery Revealed

If you have no idea what “Gyaan” is – Check this page before reading further.

When I think of best things happened to my life – birth of “Gyaan” page often gets a top spot! March 4, 2014 – I still remember that day. I was sitting on my office table thinking what’s a new thing I should do to make my life more excited? And a thought came – start writing!

Sometimes we spend hell lot of time in just thinking and many a times “thinking kills”! You stop doing things when you keep thinking. So, without further thinking a decision was made – to start a FB page.


The goal was to start writing for myself. To put my own philosophical and practical thoughts in digital world. And that’s how “Gyaan” was born!

I never thought that Gyaan will spread so quickly. As on December 11, 2015 it is followed by 61,729 awesome souls! I guess, somehow we all want someone to listen us, to tell us that we are not alone, to be with us without being judgmental, to accept our views, to accept ourselves as we are.  And that’s what Gyaan is doing!

It has been 21 months now. There were times when I thought to stop writing. I thought to discontinue this page. But few inbox messages always encouraged me to continue – and I still keep receiving these energy boosters now and then! Few samples:-

“I don’t know who u r but u must be 1 of the most amazing person in this world. ur life partner is or will be one of the lukiest person in this world. u hv helped me a lot when i was in depression. i’m really grateful to you. i may not b alive widout u. thank u so much for being with us.  ”

“Cant explain hw much ur writings n thoughts helped me… So m grateful to u… Nd dnt stop.. Cz u’ll b receiving millions of blessings by dis….. we Lv u..  carry on…”

“God has given u very special knowledge about life. U understand life much better than we do. So many things relating to our routine you have solved in very simple way so please do not stop ever”

And this is my best reward 🙂

The page was anonymous for first 21 months. No one (except few friends and coworkers) knew the real face behind Gyaan. I revealed my identity on December 12, 2015!

Why did I reveal my identity? Was being anonymous not a good idea?

Well, each coin always has two sides. Many readers had a picture in mind – of me being some super hero! I wanted to break this myth. We don’t need to follow any super hero in our life.  We all are super heroes. The real hero is within us! We all sail in the same boat. We all have problems in life – including Gyaan! What we need is just to build some basic understanding, love ourselves more and try to be happy with all uncertainties and damages around. And it’s possible – If Gyaan can do it, you can also do it 🙂

Thank you all readers / followers of Gyaan for all the love, support and wishes. I am not sure how long the journey will continue, how long I will keep writing. But for now, it fulfills my life – so I will continue 🙂

Love life. Live life. 🙂 ❤ ❤


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3 thoughts on “Gyaan – The Mystery Revealed

  1. Waited to know the person behind this page ,who takes life very positively,and today that day came !! 🙂 Thank uh gyaan.!!
    Sincerly,ur follower !! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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