Marraige and Me!

When you are 29 years, 3 months and 24 days old unmarried guy, the only hot topic around your life is your wedding! Looks like everyone in this world has only one goal – to get you married.  In each function, each gathering someone will definitely ask, “ when are you getting married? “ (The real question they are asking is why are you not getting married?)


In our society people get married by default. You graduate, get a good job and then get married. That’s the way of life. In fact that is life. We have never given a chance to make an opinion about marriage.


So why don’t I get married? Am I against marriages?

No. No and Absolutely No. Marriage is a beautiful concept. If you really want to have a lovely life partner, kids and a beautiful family – which are wonderful things to have – get married. It will fulfill your life.

But not everyone fits into same basket. Honestly, the idea of giving birth to kids and watching them grow doesn’t excite me! I don’t feel the need of a better half. I am complete with myself. I love my solitude. I love watching movies alone. I love solo travel. I love my own company.

Yes, I am open to have someone who can add toppings to my life. Someone with whom I can share my craziness. Someone whom I can help grow. And I did try matrimonial websites.  Hasn’t worked out yet :).  Don’t believe? Find me on This is what my matrimonial profile describes about me:


So what if I don’t find anyone throughout my life? What if I remain single for the rest of my life?

Honestly, I really don’t care! For me, marriage is always an option and not a mandate. It’s an option which I will choose if and when I have to. When I feel there is someone I can spend rest of my life with, I will ask. And if she agrees (love and marriage can’t be forced and it has to be a two way street 🙂 ) I will get married.

What if it never happens?  What if I die alone?

Well, I am really not afraid of dying alone! I am the one with an amazing life. I am the one with a proud soul.   I am the one who believe in living, not just surviving.


Conclusion – Get married if you wish to. Stay away if you wish to. There is no right or wrong. It’s all about individual choices we make for ourselves!

Love life. Live life.




17 thoughts on “Marraige and Me!

      1. I think I have found someone who is having similar thoughts like mine… I would have sent interest if you had ID…if u dnt mind can we connect ?

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      1. Thank God atleast you replied!!! I thought this time also you woldnt respond!! 😝 Thank you 😊


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  2. Oh but don’t u know that it does not stop there. Once married, when r u giving good news? If u plan n have one kid after 5-6 years, well u need to go to doc. There is medically something def wrong. Once u do have a kid…wen is second coming…n it goes on…trust me its jus d beginning…

    But do wat ur heart says….all d best…;)

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